Our suppliers

Hans Bijvoets, the founder of Anfors, made a radical decision in 2001. He sold his house, gave up his job and moved to Italy. There he started working as a sommelier in the best wine restaurant in Rome. With a massive selection of over a thousand different bottles, mostly Italian, he had found the perfect place to learn and expand his knowledge about wine. After two years and with a wealth of experience and knowledge he returned to the Netherlands and founded the wine company Anfors. In 2009 he made his next big step and welcomed Marcel van Twist with his vast knowledge of Spanish wines into the company. We currently serve their Pagoz de Araiz rose and Vergnon champagne.

Smaragd Wines imports mostly organic and biodynamic wines throughout Europe to the Netherlands. Martijn Verkerk the founder earned the title of ‘Best Sommelier of The Netherlands’ in 2010. “A brilliant experience. But let’s not kid ourselves, the more you know about wine, the more you realise how little you actually know”, says Martijn Verkerk. His carefully chosen wines are always a pleasant surprise and spot on the mark. The farmers he works with strive to produce wines with as little intervention as possible. The wines they make tend to have a low alcohol-percentage, a good sour basis, optimal flavour expressions while containing minimum levels of oak. And this is why his wine-selection tends to be pure, elegant and powerful. The ‘Gocce di Marinella’, ‘Galets Dores’, ‘Clot del Roure’, ‘For Friends’ and the ‘MIM’ Cava are all wines selected by him.

Lubberhuizen & Raaff is a Dutch distillery settled in the old “Varik” fire station. Bas Lubberhuizen en Henk Raaff distil high quality eau-de-vie from ripe fruit originating in the Betuwe region of the Netherlands. They are currently the only eau-de-vie distillery in the Netherlands. Lubberhuizen en Raaff respect craftsmanship and produce their liquor using high-quality natural products – in contrast to the mass produced ones that use industrial alcohol and essences. Because of this Lubberhuizen & Raaff has a small production capacity and their flavours may differ slightly from year to year. Pear, Prune, Apricot and more; Come and discover your favourite flavour at the Ysbreeker.

Alessandro Piccolo had a passion for coffee from a very young age. He drank his first cup of coffee when he was eleven and it has become indispensable at the start of his day since. His dad used to regularly take him to Alessandro’s birthplace Sicily. The quality of the coffee in Sicily inspired him and expanded his love for coffee. After acquiring ten years of experience working for a major coffee brand Alessandro decided to start his own company in 2012. Piccolo Caffè is a small and exclusive Dutch coffee brand that uses 100% high quality Arabica beans. Start your day or finish off your diner with a cup of our very own Ysbreeker blend coffee. Or take a bag of Ysbreeker coffee beans with you to go to enjoy our coffee at home.

“De Pasteibakkerij” (“The Pastrybakers”) is a company that specialises in charcuterie. In Dutch ‘pastei’ (‘pastry’) is a different word for ‘pâté’. And to confuse things even more, ‘pâté’ is called ‘terrine’ in French… Diny Schouten en Floris Bester use mostly conventionally unused parts of traditionally raised pigs. The two men believe that the quality of their product lies in its flavour, not in its name or logo. Currently we serve their “Terrine pied de cochon” at the Ysbreeker. It is a pâté made from pigs’ legs according to an authentic French recipe.