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The company Jan van As was founded in 1949 and supplies a wide range of fish and seafood to hospitality, wholesale and retail. Jan van […]

Lindenhoff is a family business, delivering only the very best products to consumers and restaurants. The company continues to innovate without losing sight of their […]

Lanskroon is an authentic family business in Amsterdam, where the craft of bakery has been held in high regards for more than four generations. This […]

The Amsterdam based Senza Tea Company was started by Jeroen Veneman after he was baffled by the inferior quality of tea in the hospitality industry. […]

Liesbeth Glandorf and Hubert Thijs are both experienced wine connoisseurs. Aficionados with a preference for authenticity and quality. “We primarily import honest and delicious wines […]

Hans Bijvoets, the founder of Anfors, made a radical decision in 2001. He sold his house, gave up his job and moved to Italy. There […]

Smaragd Wines imports mostly organic and biodynamic wines throughout Europe to the Netherlands. Martijn Verkerk the founder earned the title of ‘Best Sommelier of The […]

Lubberhuizen & Raaff is a Dutch distillery settled in the old “Varik” fire station. Bas Lubberhuizen en Henk Raaff distil high quality eau-de-vie from ripe […]

Alessandro Piccolo had a passion for coffee from a very young age. He drank his first cup of coffee when he was eleven and it […]

“De Pasteibakkerij” (“The Pastrybakers”) is a company that specialises in charcuterie. In Dutch ‘pastei’ (‘pastry’) is a different word for ‘pâté’. And to confuse things […]

Since its establishment in 2009 Firehose has been seeking out products with one thing in common, their exceptional quality. Their first discovery was made during […]