Our suppliers

Lindenhoff is a family business, delivering only the very best products to consumers and restaurants. The company continues to innovate without losing sight of their goal: to make you enjoy quality food with authentic flavours. Originally it started out as a company that would produce and deliver “meat with guarantee”, but it has recently expanded its assortment to now also include vegetables, fish and dairy products. Lindenhoff delivers only premium quality produce to the hospitality sector, among which is our “Ysbreeker burger” made for us according to our very own recipe.

Lanskroon is an authentic family business in Amsterdam, where the craft of bakery has been held in high regards for more than four generations. This bakery uses fresh and natural ingredients to create ever new flavour combinations and produces seasonal specials. Their love for their product is not exclusive and also extends to the community – Lanskroon is a social enterprise which employs youths with disables to offer them the opportunity to become a pastry chef. We currently serve Lanskroon’s chocolate truffles, a true delicacy and a perfect match for one our very own cups of coffee.

The Amsterdam based Senza Tea Company was started by Jeroen Veneman after he was baffled by the inferior quality of tea in the hospitality industry. Mostly still dust filled bags infused with flavouring agents. A dead shame, especially because lose tea leaves are eco-friendlier, are so much tastier and are, above all, healthier. Senza Tea has one very simple mission: Everyone should only drink tea made with lose tea leaves! The tea-sommeliers of Senza only choose the best tea leaves possible. These are imported and packaged in their own factory. We serve seven kinds of this delicious tea.

Liesbeth Glandorf and Hubert Thijs are both experienced wine connoisseurs. Aficionados with a preference for authenticity and quality. “We primarily import honest and delicious wines directly from the small wine houses which stand for quality without the use of a middleman. Every wine maker and their grounds are personally visited by us. By doing this we complete the story of the wine with all its complexities. Knowing where the wine came from makes drinking it that much more intense”. Come and try their Grüner Veltlinger, Blanc de Noir, Sancerre, Txakoli and Moscato d’Asti at our restaurant.

Hans Bijvoets, the founder of Anfors, made a radical decision in 2001. He sold his house, gave up his job and moved to Italy. There he started working as a sommelier in the best wine restaurant in Rome. With a massive selection of over a thousand different bottles, mostly Italian, he had found the perfect place to learn and expand his knowledge about wine. After two years and with a wealth of experience and knowledge he returned to the Netherlands and founded the wine company Anfors. In 2009 he made his next big step and welcomed Marcel van Twist with his vast knowledge of Spanish wines into the company. We currently serve their Pagoz de Araiz rose and Vergnon champagne.